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Protects the upper respiratory tract, contains active anti-inflammatory and nourishing substances that help in the release of mucus. Increases the body’s defenses in general. Propolis with antibacterial action is popularly known as being a natural antibiotic. The great advantage of its use over common antibiotics is that it destroys harmful bacteria, preserving the beneficial ones, as is the case with bacteria in the intestinal flora. It is a powerful ally in fighting herpes and influenza viruses. It also prevents the appearance of colds, pneumonia and diseases of the respiratory system. Some studies point to the benefit of propolis to strengthen the immune system.

Therapeutic indications:
Flu states
Throat disorders
Allergic rhinitis


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Package contains: 50ml
Number of servings per package: X servings
Recommended daily dose: Adults: Spray the throat directly 2 times every 4 hours
Children + 4 years: Vaporize once a day
Children + 6 years: Spray 1 time every 8 hours


Ingredients Daily dose %NRV
Própolis 360mg *
Equinácea 360mg *
Alcaçuz 360mg *

* NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) Not established


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Weight 150 g


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