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The objective to be achieved with the use of medicines is to improve the quality of life of patients, by curing diseases or, when this is not possible, by controlling their consequences and symptoms.
However, the use of a medication does not always lead to a good result. On many occasions pharmacotherapy fails. This happens when drugs cause harm (they are not safe) and/or when they do not achieve the purpose for which they were prescribed (they are not effective).
These pharmacotherapy failures have been published in numerous studies, and currently there is no doubt that they cause losses in the health of patients and the effects related to the use of drugs are among the leading causes of death worldwide.
Pharmacotherapeutic Follow-up is a clinical practice that aims to continuously monitor and evaluate the patient’s pharmacotherapy in order to improve health outcomes.

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I am a wife, daughter and mother. In love with family and nature! I love to learn, communicate and teach. I believe we can do everything if we really want to!
My training started with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and this background as a pharmacist allowed me to be in direct contact with various ways of taking care of our body, and with all the positive and negative implications that they can have. In one of the specializations I did in Pharmacotherapeutic Follow-up, I studied all the actions and impact that drugs have on our body, and that’s when I decided to look for and study other ways to take care of our body, in health (prevention) and in disease. (treatment). And so I started my journey in natural medicine, which until now continues to give me the necessary tools to balance and restore, when necessary, all the perfect functionality of our body!

Dra Rute Castro

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We met Dr. Rute in September 2019, through family members. Our aim was to strengthen the immune system of my daughters who, after they started attending kindergarten, were constantly coughing, congested nose and respiratory inflammations. The objective would be to act in a preventive way.... and we did it! Since then, we have reduced urgent visits to the pediatrician, and curiously, to date, they have not taken antibiotics again. With some changes in their menu for natural products and some food supplements, everything improved. In addition to the knowledge she constantly imparts to us, she is an extremely friendly, humane and caring person.


Dr. Rute is spectacular in the way she takes care of me. She always does a detailed analysis and recommends supplements that help me a lot. She is very careful and recommends that you call her in case adverse situations arise. She is a very knowledgeable person, very assertive and demonstrates that what gives her the most pleasure in life is helping people to regain their health and maintain it. Good luck to Dr. Rute Castro.


Hi, I'm José, I've been a patient of Dr. Rute's for some time now. I went to your consultation because I needed an alternative to traditional medicine and I recognized in Dr. Rute a doctor with an impressive intelligence, sympathy and humility and with a real intention of helping the their patients, taking the best of both traditional and alternative medicines. In my case, I have to take medication for the proper functioning of the heart and here comes Dr. Ruth's excellent work, which is precisely to minimize the side effects of medication in my body. And that in many cases leave serious sequelae in other organs and Dr. Rute's main objective is precisely that, to strengthen the immune system to better fight and defend against the aggressions that we are subject to from different origins.


People who work in the health area do not always have the ability and humanity to communicate with their patients and find solutions to their problems. But, I was lucky to find an excellent professional who treats her patients with great dedication. And, above all, assertive, competent and always there when we need your help. His dedication and passion for the profession are, in my view, very inspiring. HEART THANK YOU!!! Big kiss with much consideration and eternally grateful

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