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With the end of the European verse, the days become shorter, darker and icier. There is a tendency for people to spend less time outdoors, protecting themselves from the cold indoors. Therefore, there is a growing concern during this period about the lack of exposure to the sun and the consequent drop in vitamin D levels.

In addition to strengthening bones, regulating calcium and phosphate, vitamin D is also responsible for increasing the production of plasma renin, a chemical linked to the control of arterial hypertension. Another important factor is that the vitamin has the ability to stimulate the body’s natural defenses, decreasing the risk of infections. An article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, linked vitamin deficiency to even mood swings. In fact, test results were analyzed with 30 thousand people and it was concluded that there is a relationship between a lack of vitamin D and depression.

Living in London Nine years ago, Jaqueline da Silva, owner of Green Jade Herbal Therapies, a natural products company in Stockwell, is well aware of the benefits and needs of vitamin supplements for maintaining health, “London’s fast pace, many sometimes makes it impossible to take care of food and health. For this reason, vitamin supplements are so sought after in the country.”, Emphasises the businesswoman.

Mother of two girls, Jaqueline has always had a great concern for the health of her daughters. “In London, children spend most of the day at school – between 9 am and 3:30 pm. A period so long that it makes it difficult for us to be able to carry out outdoor activities. In this way, they receive little sun exposure and, consequently, produce little vitamin D. As it is essential for the formation of bones and teeth at this stage of life, my daughters take the supplement.”, Says Jaqueline.

In addition to healthy development, she reports that her daughters rarely experience colds or flu during the winter. Reinforcing the businesswoman’s thinking, a survey conducted by Queen Mary University in London and published in the British Medical Journal reveals that each year, using the supplement would save more than three million people from colds and flu in the UK.

Jaqueline also emphasises the importance of herbal medicines for the maintenance of the body. “Natural care prevents numerous diseases, strengthens the immune system and promotes quality of life. Avoiding the use of unnecessary remedies, which harm the organism.”, Concludes the businesswoman.

With the end of the European summer, the days get shorter, darker and colder. Thus, people tend to spend less time outdoors, implanting in a lack of sun exposure and a consent drop in our vitamin D level. In addition to controlling blood pressure, vitamin D has the ability to stimulate the body’s natural defences, reducing the risk of infections, also improving our mood levels (being an important ally against depression). A great alternative, then, is to take vitamin supplements like those offered at Green Jade Herbal Therapies – a store in Stockwell that provides all sorts of herbal medicines.

Text from Revista Nossa Cidade Londres, Edição 1, Outono 2019

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